Allow me to introduce myself…


I’m the founder of the Cause “Nyomokaimono”. My aim is to inspire young Africans in the Diaspora (particularly Latin America) to empower themselves through knowledge of Africa.

I have a passion for travel which has been installed in me from a young age. My earliest memory of being fully inspired by travel was when my dad took me to China aged 12. At the time I was obsessed with Chinese culture and going there made the world a smaller place. It so happens that yesterday was Father’s Day so I took my dad for lunch in China Town where he has taken me (and my cousins) many times as a child. I discussed with him my ideas and ambitions for “Nymokaimono”. My dad is a man of few words so I sat patiently a he ate and listened, taking in his reactions to my words. Finally, when his plate was near empty he gave me his words of wisdom.

I hope this will be a journey of fulfilment, growth, education and achievement…

Thank you for being part of this journey in its early stages. Please feel free to be involved. Comment and suggestions are highly welcome!

KaimoMi (remember me- Ga)


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